How do I figure out the HDD size limit of my board?

Title kinda says it all. A room mate said something about large HDD may be an issue. I'm looking to use a 5TB WD Black with my computer. the motherboard is a Asus M5A97 EVO, it has a UEFI bios which is all I found about it.

im using 2 on my spare msi computer. you should be fine, considering my motherboard is shit

Hmm... Never heard of a HDD size limit on a mobo... You will be fine with that board and HDD in any case though.

I don't think its a motherboard limitation but a bios limitation that UEFI fixes. I just wanted to see if there was something I was missing before getting it.

Asus disk unlocker utility.
You install it and it allows you to use hard drives, larger than 2048GB...
I have similar limitation on my Asrock board, but if I am not mistaken, my limitation was 3TB without additional software.
Go on the Asus page, the motherboard utilities, not SATA downloads, Utilities, there you will find Disk Unlocker...


as far as I know the only limit is on the size of a mbr partition table which is 2TB. a gpt partition table can handel 8 zettabytes so it basicly has no limits.