How do I fight revoked Youtube features and False Flag's on videos?

Hey Teksyndicate and friends. Since the Tek crew has been on youtube for quite a while I was wondering if it is possible for you guys to share your knowledge on what I need to do to fight back if possible or anything that I can do to win the dispute. Included solve my missing features issue.


So the problem at hand is a video I made a while back titled "Halo 4 Code Generator". Now it sounds like it has malicious intent but in fact does not. The video actually talks about how Halo 4 Code Generators are not real, do not work, and never will and why. So the video is within the correct context of the title. The reason I made this video was far to many people fall for these so called "Code Generators".


The big issue with this video is someone has flagged this video as violating Youtube's "Community Guidelines". Whats odd is after careful review it does not in fact violate any of the guidelines. Not even remotely. So what do I do to defend myself against this? As this has earned me a unwarranted strike and is most likely the cause for my missing youtube features.


Now the other issue is the fact I am missing a bunch of Youtube features that will be included in a screenshot on the bottom. These are features such as no video time limit and the ability to appeal copyright. It states this "See Account Status above for copyright and Content ID notices that may have disabled this feature." Yet I have no copyright claims...

I already submitted my defence and accidently submitted it partly finished. I stated "Youtube did not state which community guidelines were violated nor did it say how. In the context of the video it is not malicious in any way. I clearly talk about Halo 4 Code Generators in context of the" and then I accidently hit the submit button..

So does anyone here on the Tek or any of the people part of the Tek have any idea on how I deal with this?


Cheers and thanks...

Youtube Community Guideline Strike

Youtube Copyright Standing and features

Copyrighted video(s)


It was probably auto-flagged, yes. Just send an email, or make a call, or try to get in touch with someone.

Call: Can't

Phone: +1 650-253-0000


try following the link to appeal it.

Might be better to 'cut your losses', and start a new account. Youtube are well-known for being inflexible (and uncontactable)

I appears that may be the case. Good thing is you can startup a new channel with the same email and features as the last one without the penalties.