How do I clone my SSD boot drive to NVMe?

On Fedora, using btrfs. I curently boot from a 256GB SSD (with a 512 bytes sector size) and I bought a new 1TB Crucial P5 Plus 1TB NVMe (don’t know the sector size yet).

Can I clone with Clonezilla and then resize the partition? Are there issues if sector sizes are different? Should I be worried about partition alignment?

just use the migration software your nvme or ssd provider have in there support sections.

on linux run this on each drive.

fdisk -l /dev/sdx1

sdx(1) being the drive number. should show you your block sizes.

if they match up you can use something like dd or clonezilla…
just be aware clonezilla will copy the whole drive including the blank space.

@anon7678104 as far as I can see Acronis does not support btrfs. Am I missing something?

yeah my bad. i just saw they had migration software and posted the link :frowning:

apparently there isnt a lot of linux support out there by drive manufacturer’s

Boot Rescuezilla and do a full cloning… :wink:

yeah do a block clone with dd, then use parted to expand. make sure the drive boots and grub is working before doing the expand. both steps have the potential to break booting and will need fixed individually.

while it is always possible to fix a linux issue, like 75% of the time a reload and copy user partition over is faster.

You could also try with the CloneZilla live CD / USB.

it seems to support btrfs.

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