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How do I burn a .iso to a SD Card?


Hey guys (and gals) I am trying to burn Kali Linux to a SD card but i'm having difficulties. "ISO to USB" and "Rufus" don't detect the SD card and I have tried "Ultra ISO" and "Win32" but UltraISO fails and Win32 needs a .img but i was not able to figure out how to convert .iso to .img. Any ideas/help?


i just burned the iso then copy pasted it from the disc to the card when i was in your situation.


And it worked? Hard to believe that its that simple.


it worked for me, but then i have several hundred blank dvd's lying around.


Me to but I can burn it to a Flash drive then copy it over.


Use Rufus


If you had read my post you would have seen that I have tried it but it doesn't work with SD cards.


How about this

check the box to show all drives


works for me - oh well


Lol. Agree. Isn't this what you're supposed to be using in the first place, too?


Also, are you sure the system you want to boot this on can even boot from SD?


You can use YUMI, and find some details here.

YUMI should show all drives with a checkbox if I remember right.


You may have to reinitialize the SD card in Windows and make it show as removable mass storage rather than an SD card if it's showing that way.


Try one of these. They work great for rufus when I was installing linux on my intel compute stick.


Id just go for the pendrive, or Rufus solutions. You wont be able to do it with lets say winimager 32 or what ever it is called.
Difference between a ISO, and a IMG file is that the ISO actually has some kind of filesystem and a offset, where the .img file is a byte to byte copy of it's source(which includes boot sector, and empty space). The above mentioned solutions writes the files of the .iso file onto the drive, and creates a boot record from which to boot the solution.
Infact you can risk bricking a USB/SD card/drive if you attempt to use the byte to byte method.


Afaik you just need to format your SD card in FAT32.

Then enter the ISO by double clicking it and copy the contents to the SD card.


I do want to note that there are some brands of usb drives that will not allow you to boot from via a hidden partition that can't be removed. Sandisk is known to do such things. I'd imagen that this could apply to SD cards as well, though I haven't had the time to test this.


Would love to use Easy2Boot off a SD card


this is what I use to unpack isos onto flash drives. It hasn't let me down yet, even with Windows installers.


Universal USB Installer (aka. UUI) here as well. Works like a charm.