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How do I ACS patch override (IOMMU) Manjaro

Important info:
Gpu 1: Nvidia 2070 and the graphics card through and the one that is in a IOMMU group with other things
Gpu 2: AMD 590 the host one

Before I start out a few things. I’m extremely new to linux I just downloaded it yesterday, so step by step instructions would be very appreciated.
Right Now i have 2 major problems.
First: is I have no clue how to patch my kernel with the ACS patch.
Second: If I have my AMD GPU in the second slot in my motherboard and have IOMMU enabled in the bois Manjaro gives a AMD-VI wait time out loop(I have tried updating the bois with no success)

Ok as the title says I have no idea how to get the GPU into it’s own group or even how the ACS patch override works, and if you are wondering what im trying to do it’s KVM.
Thank you

You are going to want to install this-

There are instructions on how to install packages on AUR on this page-

For people to be able to help you, you have to provide exact version numbers of bios versions and the full logs of the errors you are seeing.

Thank you for those links and good to know.

if using the AUR doesn’t work for you (never got it to work for me while using manjaro) you will have to download Manjaro’s kernel and apply the patch. But fear not it’s actually really easy, (although Nvidia proprietary graphics require a few extra steps)
Simply clone the kernel version you want from manjaros repo’s

Download and add patch (an easy place to download it is from Linux-vfio source) along side other patches and add patch name to PKGBUILD below other patches
Build and install the kernel, I would reccomend using kernel manager to install an LTS kernel, Update it, and then download the source and compiling that one, as doing this for every new kernel is a bit of a hassle

EDIT: Steps are pretty much for linux54

  1. git clone linux54 from manjaro’s gitlab
  2. cd linux54
  3. download acs-overrides.patch here
  4. add acs-overrides.patch to PKGBUILD in along with other patches
  5. updpkgsums
    6 build and install

then of course edit grub as needed

This is how I had to do it a few days ago when setting it up on My Manjaro system. Arch-VFIO just gives you a black screen on boot on Manjaro.