How do ATX vs ITX mobo overclocking compare these days?

I stil use old LGA1511 and LGA 1150 systems nowadays because they are working.

But I did make a switch from ITX to ATX after experiencing limitations in overclocking in ITX mobos. I was able to achieve significantly more stable and higher overclocks with the ATX mobos.

With Ryzen and even the news Intel cpus, have mobos quality gone up in that you’d achieve the same overclock performances on a 24/7 basis?

all depends on what board you have, z77 had an excellent mini itx overclocking board made by asus and it had a vertical daughter board solely for the VRM

What about the latest Ryzen 39XX and even newer 59XX?

I’m looking to switch soon over Christmas or so. I’m opting for a smaller footprint if the OCs are consistent and on par with the ATX mobos.

well you don’t really overclock on ryzen, they kinda just run as best as they can out of the box, often if you try and set a static overclock it’ll be lower than what it turbo’s to, that being said, you do want a VRM that can keep up and won’t overheat
I’ll take a look at what mini-itx offerings there are

a good source for boards with great VRMs are a channel called Actually hardcore overclocking, the guy on there buildzoid often does PCB analyses for Gamers Nexus, another great channel to look into

buildzoid and gamers nexus do deep dives and get into the nitty gritty of it, I consider them to be the authority of overclocking and overall tech knowledge

other great channels to follow are are Optimum tech and Not From Concentrate, I consider both to be the authority on Mini-itx and small form factor builds

Not From Concentrate is the designer for the S4 mini, the smallest per liter mini itx case that supports a dual slot graphics card


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