How did Logan, Wendell, Qain and Pistol meet?

When I watched the video tour of Wendell's evil lair of old hardware, you were talking about what you all used to do in his compound back in the day. This sort of spiked my interest in what happened before the office move, and the history between you all. How did you meet, and how did you end up working together in one compound?

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I'm also interested in this story.


This question has made me also wonder, and would love to know :3

logan and wendel ment as kids and logan ment pistol at a game convention he was covering. lol i duno im guessin.

It seems that Wendell and Logan met in their childhood and have been friends a long time. As for Pistol, I think I remember her saying in a livestream that she met Logan at a LAN party or a competition or something like that, then they started talking and eventually she got 'recruited'.

So... a Logan, Qain, Pistol and Wendell met at a bar.


You gotta figure out the rest by yourself.

Maks never gets mentioned in these threads. slightly depressing. I enjoyed him.

He left a while back so a lot of the newer people don't know about him. 

Logan fired him as I remeber it (a topic already covered) and before that he worked  @ TD along side logan i believe.

behind the scenes i bet youtuber's are very driven and demanding people.

I also enjoyed him. I'm curious why he got fired, but I guess it would be rude to ask...

Thats been asked many times and best not bring it up again... Though I miss Maks Tech Tips :(


This is the unofficial story of how they met.....Wendell was hired by a company "black mesa" to work on a "secret project" ...spoiler alert it was a inter dimensional time machine portal creator anyway's they needed an immortal to travel through time so they could stop the future robot apocalypse that was supposed to happen in 2012 so Logan volunteered he had to travel to october 1974 to stop stan lee from creating a comic book that would inspire the robot apocalypse.  The only problem robots from the future found out about this so they sent a robot back in time to stop Logan from completing his mission.  Wendell from the robot apocalypse was one step ahead and sent back a reprogrammed robot named Qain to project logan from the evil future robot's.  Turns out Logan meeting Stan lee alone stopped the future robot apocalypse and instead he made a new member of x-men named wolverine based off of Logan.  The time line was fixed and the robot apocalypse never happened. After all of this happened the company Black Mesa ended up wiping all of there mind's.  Wendell remembered some stuff so he decided to create a secret identity and release a game based off of the event's that happened to him just to see if anybody else would remember.  Pistol played half life and had a whole conspiracy that the event's in half life happened so she joined the team to search for the truth......

Seems legit.

It could be interesting to see this thread...