How Could I Get Better Performance In ArmA 2 (and ArmA 3)?

Im in a clan now, and im a pilot, as pilot ill need high render distance with Object quality at ultra so I can see everything...

My current setup is doing well, I'd however like to upgrade my system to get better performance.

  • CPU: Intel I5 3570k @4.2GHz
  • GPU: sapphire HD 3GB factory OC custom cooler (Running at CC1100/MC1550)
  • MB: AsRock Extreme4 Z77
  • RAM: corsair vengeance 4*2  DDR3, 1866MHz, CL9, 1.5V
  • CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 612s
  • PSU: Corsair AX850

what could I get or replace to get better performance?

I Particulary get low FPS when a lot of AI spawn, have my render distance on high.

I have tried multiple software "fixes" like changin parameters and changing the prerender and forward FPS render to 1, which havent made any tangible performance inprovements.

You might want to edit in what your graphics card is actually called but I googled the part number(7970). Your setups fine it's more likely to be the optimization as the games still in beta but for now you might want to turn down tesselation and textures and see if that improves your fps.

Arma is a very cpu intesive game so maybe getting a 3770k might help.

Also you could mess around with the config abit to get better fps. here a forum page that has some tips on getting better performance.

Yes I was looking into buying a new CPU, not sure if it will make a huge difference though.

As for the things in the forum, I have all of those settings already.

Even though its cpu intensive it also depends on the server. When i played Arma 3 i was getting 30-40 in highest setting in the single player but online i was getting 20-30 on the lowest and haven't touched that game since.

Overclock more and update all ur drivers

Look up how to optimize your settings it will help some.  I love to play arma but there is really nothing you can do the 3570k and the 4670k overclocked are the best chips for arma along with the 8350.  Look into getting you cpu overclock higher to see more performace.  Also if you have your render distance to 10000 that will take away performace and from what I have seen even when flying you can not see more then about 4000m away so maybe try and turn that down.   If you play on a server with your freinds try upgrading the server since playing online lag is usually caused on the server side for what ever reason even though arma is a client side game...Try some of these It says dayz but it the same thing.

No need to buy anything, you already have just about the best stuff you can have anyway. You want to (kinda obviously) move the bottleneck from the CPU to the GPU whenever possible. Small tips:

- Set the video memory option to "Default", always. No exceptions.

- "Low" shadow setting does the work on the CPU. Put it somewhere else, off for the best performance. High and Very High both use the GPU and likely won't have much performance penalty.

- Unless you have better eyes than me (totally possible), there's probably no noticeable difference between AF on Very High and AF on Medium. AF is pretty much free these days, but it couldn't hurt to turn it down.

- There's no reason to see more than probably 3km. In Arma 2, this means setting the view distance to 6k, because objects are only rendered in the lower half of the view range. Arma 3 lets you set the draw distance for terrain and objects separately, making that much easier.

- I usually play with terrain detail on very low. That controls not only grass, but also the geometric complexity of the ground. The way grass is drawn in games usually annoys me anyway.

The number of AI involved in a mission kinda sets an upper limit on fps. I've hosted Warfare games before where there was absolutely no difference in performance between bare minimum settings and absolute max settings on my 2600k. Like.... 8 fps across the board.

While it's not a poorly optimized game (I think it's actually over-optimized in some places), it could definitely use a major restructuring of the engine. Sometimes you just have to live with 40 fps.