How can i make my PC better?

Hey i want to build a new computer because the ps4 and whatever the new xbox is called, their games are gonna be optimized for 8-cores. so i think i made my pc as good is as good as its going to be for around under 2000$ also i have 3 monitors (3840x1024). all sugestions are welcome, thank you.



"optimized for 8-cores"


What's with the crazy RAM setup? All you need is that A-data kit, eliminate that corsair dominator and use the money to buy a nice motherboard like the Asus Sabretooth 990 fx r2.0. That 7970 is a little overpriced. You can save $50 if you buy a sapphire.\

Also, why don't you have a CPU cooler selected?!?

I don't see why there are two things of memory there, scratch the dominator and stick with the A-data if you really want it, i'm sure you'll sort that out.

Make it better? Get an aftermarket cpu cooler and a better MOBO and overclock the hell out of the 8350.

Otherwise it looks fine

I made some changes, and I really hope you're not going to be using that wireless adapter for gaming, btw:

For just under $2000:


In between:

Any of these would kick the crap out of the one you configured.