How best to use $500?

im getting $500 back for uncle Sam and would like some assistance with picking out what to spend it on 

i need a gpu for this system 

i need a decent wired mouse for a fingertip grip type

if both are descent at a price point of $450 ill donate the last $50 to the teck


 Really I'd spend all of it on a GTX 780.

Maybe an Asus 770 DCUII. Don't know about a mouse though

im only running a single monitor so a 780 may be a overkill item right now 

 GPU: I'm a big fan of my EVGA 780 Classified and the company has some of the best customer service I've come across (as compared to Gigabyte, Asus, and MSI) This is a superclocked version of the GTX 770, not the fastest, but a quality card... Rated 5 stars on Newegg through 208 reviews...


Mice: Both of these are just awesome feeling, very ergonomic mice... the Mionix has a few more features and customization options...

Mionix Avior 8200:

Razer DeathAdder:

gtx770 + another HDD + mouse

way over but i have a birthday this month  

4GB of the 770 see little, if any, improvement if you're only gaming at 1080.  Go for the 2GB version instead.

I personally would never buy a membrane keyboard for over 15 bucks.  Go mechanical, since you already have a mouse you seem to like.

Add the Define R4 if you want.