How best to serve and eat Food Discussion Area

This thread is to debate how food is best served and eaten.

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Anything tastes best when served with A1 steak sauce.


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Tried that stuff, I feel like I am just tasting the sauce and not the meat.



I love that stuff.

If it is a very cheap cut of meat maybe


Black pepper and salt… bout all I need for almost anything


I can agree with that, salt does a good job of not covering the flavor.

No sauce, just meat. I want to feel the flesh tearing between my teeth.


Blue Cheese, it goes on everything including children.


Peanut butter (creamy, not crunchy) is fucking amazing on waffles, pancakes, and french toast.

Accompanied with syrup and butter of course.

Roast duck with the mango salsa

Why the fuck does the sound for this not work for me in chrome?

Open it in mozilla and it works. Chrome? No dice.

Filet Mignon… Well done with ketchup.


… I know someone who would actually eat that.

My dad gets them thin, pounds them thinner, soaks them in kikoman teriyaki and then overcooks them.

And I find it infuriating.

I mean, filet has little flavor and ribeye is better but still… at least use real sauce and not kikomans

Nobody eats that. Nobody. I don’t care what fake news you’ve heard.

I’d eat that… With fried udon noodles, great fast food. Filling, if I ain’t looking for flavour and it probably won’t make me want to vomit. Otherwise, no.

But I seriously do know someone who would eat that.

It’s not bad, it’s just that it’s kikomans.

It is to teriyaki sauce what cheese whiz is to cheese.

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Like I said, fried udon and add some cabbage to it.

I got some nice teriyaki ginger sauce from Whole Foods and put that on filet and man, that was a good ass steak.