Horrible BF4 performance

Bf4 has some really bad stuttering on my system, to the point that it's unplayable. I'm pretty sure it's a CPU bottleneck problem, but I was told my CPU would play it fine (Athlon 750k @ 4.1 GHz). 

I tried a bunch of resolutions, graphics settings, and mantle vs dx11. Non of them make much of a difference. My MSI R9 280 plays all my other games maxed out (even BF3 ultra @ 70fps consistently). 

I'm kinda sick and tired of this optimized crap. Only solution seems to be new CPU and motherboard, and I aint got the dolla dolla bills fo dat. Kinda just getting my frustration out as much as I am asking for help.

Your 7950/280 should be doing fine. I am running xfire 7870's pitcairn and can still play the game at decent settings. What drivers are you running for gpu? I have tried the omega and even those seem decent for my old mid range gpu's. I will have to admit that I am running an i7 ivy at 4.8, but even wiht a single card I don't see why you would have any stuttering. Maybe drop Anti-aliasing? Or use AMD optimized settings from CCC.

I'm running the latest beta drivers. I dont know what you mean by "AMD optimized settings from CCC" 

in MSI afterburner all 4 cores are pinned at 100% during gameplay. 

Assuming you are running windows if you right click on AMD CCC and go down to 3D settings, adjust to AMD optimized for Tessallation, etc, it might help you. You have an older quad core but I don't see how that coudl hurt you that badly with your GPU. If you can get a higher CPU oc that might help. The stutters suggest a memory issue, or something isn't keeping up with everything else. I am not sure what settings you have for graphics in bf4, but you should try to drop them to medium, or low, and see if stuttering dissappears. If I were you I would monitor my PC's resources while running a GPU dependant stress test. That could clue us in on what your PC is being bound up on in BF4.

I have a similar issue, how does the game play in the test range? For me it's butter smooth, but as soon as i log in to a server, it's the worst shit i've ever seen: stutters, set backs, etc. I'm running a fx8350 stock and a Asus 7850 2GB @stock. My internet connection is 25/25 unlimited.

I think it's just that bf4 is a laughable excuse of a game and I shouldn't have bought it in the first place. At least it wasn't full price.

Yeah single player and test range are fine. Although with players on the map the CPU should have more to do. I have a friend who has a 8350 and a GTX 690, which runs fine but not as good as it should considering he has a 690. My ping is good too (~50)

It's just disappointing as I was so excited for BF4 and it's still not playable a year later.

Stuttering wouldn't be a CPU bottleneck. A CPU bottleneck would essentially just result in lower-than-full usage of your GPU and a disappointing framerate, not usually stuttering. The 750k isn't bad enough to bottleneck you a huge amount, anyways. 

You said you tried a bunch of resolutions. What's your native? 1080p? Is your GPU usage sitting at 98-99?

Running at 1050x1680 (native) at ultra settings feels just as jittery as 720p low settings. Whatever settings, the GPU stays around 25-30% usage and all 4 cores 98-100%. It's really weird. I assumed it was a CPU bottleneck, but maybe there is something bigger wrong.

that to me looks like a bottleneck

Simply don't run at Ultra settings with hardware that is not even supposed to handle it. Try most things at high and geometrical settings at medium. It will still look very good. Not having a steady framerate will get you killed out there. :-) 

Well you *might* be suffering from a slow cpu , but you may also have a slow HDD , I used at one point a laptop 160gb hdd , it was stuttery every where , it had consistant 10-20 mb read - write , and that was only made worse by the fact I had a lot of background programms .


A good solutions is trying windowed vs windowed borderless vs fullscreen .

just a question

what sort of network card do you have?

and what is the sound?

if they are ones that dump all the work on the cpu then that could be the real reason your online multiplayer tanks

amd users have to be more discerning when it comes to sound / networking as the tendency of a lot of these devices dumping work on the cpu tends to make life unhappy for us.

also, while i am remembeering this crap... as like you I have suffered through these sorts of scenarios before.. :)

Pay attention to what motherboard controllers you are using (drives and usb), same story as above... some of them dump work on the cpu.

Intel users can normally take this hit and not even notice due to the strong single thread performance, this isnt true for amd users.

i know the things I am mentioning seem odd but the simple fact is that cpu of yours should be plenty good enough for bf4 online, the fact that it isnt tells me other stuff is causing your problem.

One other thing I tend to do these days as an amd user is use the radeon pro software to disable cores 0,1 for game profiles when i experience hitches...

I do this so that there isnt any conflicts with stuff dumped on the main windows worker cores.

..but this doesnt help you out as I would only recommend this on a 6300 and above (due to the shared cache you need to disable in pairs).

That's definitely sounding like a CPU bottleneck, then. If your CPU usage is maxing out and your GPU usage isn't going up, it's a CPU bottleneck. 

I have a 1tb wd blue which has worked as well as ever. I installed BF4 on my boot ssd and got the same performance.

I have some sort of ASUS network card my friend gave me. I just use the realtek audio on the motherboard (FM2-A75A-E35). 

Try restarting your computer, then immediately starting BF4. for me, i get capped at 15 fps unless I restart my PC. I can run any other game at 60 fps average, but BF4 is just terrible unless i restart.

i would suggest taking a step back from bf4 and doing a little more fact finding about

  • the network card ( try and get a little more info)
  • which sata controllers you are using (usually motherboards have a couple of good ones and then throw in a load of crap ones.. which people like us avoid like the plague except for file storage).

We are specifically looking for things that are dumping unnecessary work your cpu as high background CPU utilization can throttle a GPU.

I will try and dig out some infor for the FM2-A75A-E35's onboard sound but I doubt my google-fu will be stronger than yours :)

I have a friend at work who games on a 750k and a 7970 and it easily runs games like bf4 / crysis 3 / dead rising 3 and he has never once complained about bad multiplayer experience, yours shouldnt be far off.