Hope this makes some people feel better

haha well, you wouldnt need 8500w of course

Lol of course not, I just found a great deal on one. Im all for overkill.

8500W (I do notice the typo though)

Wish that's the new standard when running 20x of these each system containing the EVGA SR2 board and 3 of the GTX 480s. :3 The case for this kind may be a pain to built though.

Ain't going Arrmego either... just visioning

to bad thats not me bro, good try though!

BTW, wash your hair and faces, greasy as FUCK

Lol shit if i had an 8500w PSU, it better be microwaving my Chinese food, and powering my mini fridge.

niiiiice, i like it. i took a shower 2 hours prior to this, but cool story regardless

That would be a good idea!

Corsair 800D should be able to handle that.. well except for the PSU which has to be in another room.. lol