Hooking up tv speakers to comp

hey i have really shitty dell speakers and i really dont feel like buying new speakers but i need new ones. i have 5.1 surround sound for my tv and radio and stuff and it sounds great! i was wondering if theres a way to hook them up to my computer so i can use those for speakers, that would be crazy! i was going to try this with my old computer with boombox speakers but i was told that my computer doesnt have enought amps or power to power it, but i built a new computer now and its waaay better than my old one and i was wondering if its possable to hook up my surround sound or even my boombox speakers (i tried to hook up to my old computer) to this computer now.


yah there is many ways. depending on ur sound card or onbaord sound. if your speakers comes with all the sorround sound connects then you just plug them into ur pc, if you have 5.1 support. if you dont then you need a sound card that supports that, or you can plug by dvi if you have a sound card and the speakers support. if you dont want to spend money the only way is to use the 1 audio cable that comes with the speakers, it doesnt really give good sound but it does the job. those are the way i used before as far i as i noe

i dont have a sound card but i might get one soon. would i just plug it into my regualt speaker jack? and does it have anything to do with my power supply like wouldnt it take up a lot a power to power those massive speakers? i would rather use my boombox speakers tho cuz i dont wanna unhook all the surround sound speakers and set em up and stuff it would just be a pain, so if i tried using my boombox speakers and plugged them into my speaker port, they should work?