Honest Video Game Commercials

Sorry if this is a repost....but I had to share because sadly this is exactly what most AAA titles have become.


Seen it yesterday. Amusing satire though sad that this is a reality.

Wish they would have mentioned cherry-picked reviews with 10/10 scores and meaningless quotes.

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once you realize that this is the first leak showing actual ps4.5 (4k edition)


You just have to laugh, otherwise it's sad.

Or cry yourself to sleep at the sad truth of it all.

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Thanks for sharing this, I un-subbed from Cracked some time ago because reasons even though they would occasionally create some great satire.

Yeah I find a lot of the stuff they do to be very juvenile, but this just resonated with me.

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What I find most ironic here is that the problems mentioned appear to stem predominantly from console gaming... hmm....

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