Honest opinion

LGA1150 i7-3770 is it worth to buy used one since going for ddr4 platform cost goes up a lot with not much of performance,
~250€ budget :
used-> 3770k+mobo, or to save for 4770+mobo
new-> RYZEN 3 1200 + 8GB DDR4 + ASUS A320M
or to save up and buy ryzen 5 after new year suggest?

my 3770k (OC 4.5ghz stable) seems to be on par with my friend’s 6700k stock when we did a real world comparison… if you can get good quality ddr3 ram for cheap, go with 3770k or 4770k.

edit: if you wish to save up, then of course get something new like ryzen 5 or 7 (I don’t know what kind of performance you’re looking for so i’m just assuming you want something dank)

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lol don’t bother buying a new CPU. That i7 is fine. In about a year, when AMD and Intel both release new CPU’s, then you’ll actually see a significant performance difference between the 3770K and whatever were released at the time.

Just go used 3770k IMO

depends on your upgrade schedule / gpu

What do you have now?

Haswell has avx2, making certain operations twice the speed (clock per clock) compared it ivy bridge, good if you’re a heavy Photoshop user. Or if you do lots of multimedia or video (all those ymm registers).

Neither of the two Intel CPUs has vt-d.

If I were you (spending all my pocket money on gear) I’d save up and get a ryzen 5 after new year, if you’re lucky you might be able to get deals during Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Cyber week/month… Usually a better time to spend than after new year… Heck, you might be able to put together a ryzen 7 1700 , and a b350 board for the same price a ryzen 5 would cost today

whatcha got now? also why is “save for ryzen 7” not on the list? how long would it take you to save say another 200-300 euros?

Honest opinion?

Get the 3770 OR get ryzen 5. Don’t be scared of refurbished motherboards. Don’t bother with r3

Yeah, most probably the best solution is to go for 3770 (non “k” version) because main reason is to get a lot more performance compared to current A8-5600k that bottlenecks even my RX460 …
Even tho it’s old, it probably doesn’t lack single thread performance and extra threads will give me ability to completely switch to arch/fedora with win10 in VM and keep gaming as my only reason why I still use windows (mainly CS:GO, League, WoW, etc…).
Also I plan to keep the configuration at least for next few years or so, maybe gpu update in 1-2 years but I think rx460 will keep up with casual games, and Android Studio + compiling android sources for phones that I try to maintain roms for will be x6 faster :stuck_out_tongue: