Homemade 10" laptop with integrated gamepad

Hi everyone , I’m currently building a “handheld” pc and I just to share all of this with you c:

Here are the specs :
Cpu : I5 7267u
Gpu : iris plus 650
Ram : 8gb 2133 single Chanel unfortunately
Storage : msata 500gb ssd

Other stuff : 10.1" screen 16:10 , 8x18650 cells (26000mah about 6h
gaming) , mini keyboard with trackpad , custom heatsink for the cpu , all 3d printed case + 3d printed hinges designed by me c: , standard x360 gamepad …

Size : 26x16x6cm with the folded screen
Weight: 1.3 kg (estimated because the build is not done yet)

This is the smallest I could do with the size and power consumption of the pc , I know it’s kinda big and no pocketable at all but it’s at least small enough the be a handheld .

The motherboard came from a mini pc bought on a Chinese site , it’s working well and only heats up to 50c on a 15w tdp with my homemade heatsink, the cpu can go to 28w but the manufacturer of the pc locked the tdp to 15w because of the original fanless design of the pc , I asked him to unlock the tdp and he said he will make a custom bios for me with a unlocked tdp. I can get x2 time better performance on the gpu if I go to 25w . But i’m still waiting for the bios … For now

I’m currently printing the case and all the module .

(Sorry for my bad english I’m french)

Here are some photos :


I think you forgot to attach the photos

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They are coming :slight_smile:

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Love these kind of DIY projects, it’s so cool! It was also very nice of the chinese vendor to at least show willingness to provide you a modified BIOS to unlock the full TDP of the chip.
Also the CPU + GPU combo looks perfect for an handheld gaming PC.

Are you going to post performance numbers once you get the new BIOS?

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Thanks :blush: , I can already give you some results on 15w : gtav 720p normal 30fps(half vsync) , cemu Mario kart 8 720p 60fps , cemu Zelda botw 360p 25fps , Minecraft 1080p optifine 60 FPS(vsync)

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My stupid 3d printer don’t want to print that part :c

That’s pretty impressive, the Iris Plus is putting in some good work!

Regarding the side panels can you go to a place and have them made of acrylic with a laser cutter? It shouldn’t be that expensive.

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Okay, this is pretty rad. Hats off for a sweet mini build.

And hey, that’s the same keyboard-trackpad doodleydad I use in the living room. Genuinely surprised how well that thing works for the nine bucks it cost.

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It run well on 15w but it will run sooo much better on 25w

For the modules or side panel , i just want to make it simple , thats why im using a 3d printer

I was also using it for a tv but i dont use it anymore , thats why im using for this project , sometime the trackpad goes a bit crazy but thats ok

Hard part

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That is some impressive work there!


Really impressive only thing I am worried about is ergonomics - you should put face input (gamepad controls) more to the sides, your thumbs will be ever grateful for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: NVM, saw that you already figured that out, thought the D Pads in the middle were the gamepad. Doh! :grin:

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Very nice. Keep the good stuff coming.

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Still soldering


Main power is done, still need to add the battery and the bms , solder the face button , modelling the shoulder button and fix the keyboard.



Good news for the bios , the seller said they were testing it , I might get it next week

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