Homelab Gigabyte G292-Z20 issues disabling fans

I’ve recently bought a second hand Gigabyte G292-Z20 to serve as a base for a homelab setup, but I’m at my wits end trying to disable fans that are in the way. The chassis has a total of 8 fans, 6 of which are meant to cool datacenter GPUs. I have no need for these extremely loud fans, and two rear ones are even blocking PCIe IO on the back, so I figured I’d just remove the ones I don’t need.

Unfortunately, removing the fans seems to make the motherboard very angry, immediately firing off “critical fan speed” alerts, and spinning all other fans up to an unbearably loud maximum speed. Does anyone happen to know how to properly disable fans on a machine like this?

My G292-Z20 comes next week. I hope I find a solution and tell you if so!

Find no way to deactivate or throttle the 8 Chassis Fans, so I replace the 6 GPU Chassis Fans with Dummy Fans / Fan Simulators and for the last 2 CPU/Board Chassis Fans I buy new silent Fans. Now the Server is pretty quiet and I’m happy :slight_smile:

have the same problem, it’s a great server, but it’s LOUDER than the 20 year old SuperMicro server X-D while consuming ALMOST (250W) the same (300W) amount of energy.

Dear suf_nok,

what kind of Dummy fans were used?

is it possible to poti throttle the GPU fans to bearable noise levels? (currently living room is the datacenter)

because right now no GPUs installed and let’s see when there will be.

I have the same server now, gonna put two GPU’s in it.
Looking in the Magarac there’s a fan profile setting,
I was able to lower the noise below a 747 landing on your face :stuck_out_tongue: