Home WiFi Recommendations

Hi Everyone,

I have been reviewing my options as I am looking at replacing my Existing AC Wi-Fi Solution with an AX one. I have been a long time user of the UAP AC PRO and I am review what my options are to replace it.

From reviewing what options I have and found the following:

  • UniFi Wi-Fi 6 Lite - $177
  • TP-Link Omada EAP620 HD - $178
  • Engenius EWS357AP - $269 (ECW220 not available in AU, and from Amazon US it is listed at $520.00 AUD)
  • Aruba AP22 - $299

(Prices in AUD)

I am not in a large area, some iot. a couple of phones and laptops. I am more any feedback for/against any of these devices. With the initial deployment being a single AP

I am aware of some of the recent silliness with UniFi and the subsequent release of the omada echosystem, not that I have heard any long term usage reports for know users of these devices. I have seen the glowing review of the engenius cloud managed devices from Wendal, does this also apply to the on-prem devices. And well Aruba is HPE… so… Aruba…

All Feedback is welcome.


I’d go with Ubuqiti. With the option of getting their Unify Dream Machine

I like my Unifi 6 lite. I have used a bunch of Unifi AP’s and I find they are great. I would skip the UDM. I think its overrated. I like my Pfsense box instead. Its so much more powerful and flexible and I love the packages. That’s my 2 cents.


Currently using a pair of U6-LR (since January).

Most of my equipment is 802.11ac, getting 650Mbps with my old Qualcomm 855 2x2 phone ac phone. Getting gigabit with my 802.11ax 2x2 Chromebook, same room).

I chose U6-LR over U6-LITE because of the faster CPU cores primarily (dual core 1.35GHz A53 in MT7622 vs. MIPS from MT7621a which is present in a slower U6-LITE)

If you’re ever bored with unifi software on U6-LITE or U6-LR, OpenWRT has already been ported and runs on them; so they can have a second life in case they’re not entirely obsolete before ubnt drops their support - or in case we all need to start getting all tinfoil on them.