Home Virtual Server Multitool

Hello all!


I am hoping to find the all knowing server / virtualization gods (read: uber smarty pants) that can help me with a project.  

I am trying to build a PC to meet the following requirements:

1. Cost under 2k to include new monitor

2. The computer needs to be portable enough to move from home to the classroom

3. I need to host several different virtual boxes for different applications. The below image goes into a tentative network diagram with some ideas on the specs. While I imagine they are not the best, it was a first try.

4. While I can use an old laptop (pfsense video anyone?) for a decent firewall/router/ect, it would be nice to be able to do all of that in one box. The intent is that anyone in my home can use that (v)router to go from Korea to the USA by VPN (anyone who has paranoid ways of doing it, let me know). Currently, I wanted two lines, the vpn for gaming, and the vpn/ToR/whatever else to hide traffic. No, I don't want to do something dumb, but I do want to maintain privacy/security for certain communications with folks back home. That includes defending against infrastructure data taps.

5. I would prefer to be able to log into the box to manage the virtual machines, but its not a deal breaker if I need to go "bare metal" to make this work.

6. I want to play all kinds of different games on this box, but I don't plan on doing competition. That said, I want to make a dedicated VM for gaming and be able to switch between it and a secure vm for banking or a discovery vm for trolling the dark side of the interwebs.  I hear I need something like VT-D to make the video card work with the vm fully, but without actually owning the box, I am not sure how to work on it.

7. The vlans don't have to both be on at the same time, but I would like them to be.  

8. The classroom vlan is designed as a teaching tool for students (20-30) to be able to remote into different vms and figure out how to secure them.  Example, Windows 2k8 forgot to turn the firewall back on after uninstalling 3rd party firewall or Sql server back end has a vulnerable version susceptible to sql injection.

9. I would love it to look awesome, but really, I need functional first. But I have no doubt there are super awesome people in here who know how to do this stuff.  Really, my dream would be to take that dual xeon workstation video (by TS) and put it into something like the cooligo (also TS). I havn't seen an mITX that has 4 dimm slots or even a GTX 770 (mini), but maybe a uATX (mATX?) could suffice to get the 32gbs I was looking at with a full size card in something like the SG10 from Silverstone.

Something like that maybe?

Anyhoo, all help is appreciated, I know this is quite a bit to look at all at once.