Home storage server build. Ryzen and ECC memory?

I have been using a N54L HP Microserver as my home NAS running Freenas and it has worked flawlessly and easily. Came home and found my UPC making loud noises and the server was off. Turns out the power supply is dead, components in pieces etc.

I ordered a replacement PS but I have no idea if everything else in the machine survived. In case it doesn’t, I would like to build my own server but I am unsure of what to build out of. I know I want ECC memory as I am running ZFS (Many will roll their eyes but that is how I prefer it). I don’t want to buy loud, bulky, enterprise power monsters either.

I remember hearing Wendell talking about Ryzen and ECC memory and I got a spare 1600 lying around collecting dust. Is there such a thing? Does for example a B450 MB exist with official support for ECC memory? Any recommendations out there?

While I can’t comment on a specific board to recommend for your use case, most AM4 boards support ECC.

Just check the manufacturer’s website before you purchase.

I have my router and my SSD NAS running ECC memory. Those two are based on a Prime A320M-K and a Prime X370 Pro, both by Asus. I will try to run ECC on my ITX machine shortly, that would be the ASRock AB350ITX/ac 1337 gaming whatever… the red one.

Now running 2x 16GB crucial VLP ECC 2666 sticks with full multi-bit error-correction.


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