Home Server Upgrade - DDR5 ECC UDIMM Availability

I’m thinking about upgrading my home server. It primarily serves as a NAS, TS3, game servers, and game streaming.

This motherboard caught my eye as a good base for the server: X13SAE-F | Motherboards | Products | Supermicro

I would like to put an i5-12600k in it with somewhere between 64-128gb of DDR5 ECC RAM. I’ll move a 3090 over to the box as passthrough to a VM to stream games to a steam deck and other devices.

With that said does anywhere know where to get some of the aforementioned RAM?

Any thoughts on the build are welcomed too.

You need UDIMMs (unbuffered), not RDIMMs (Registered). Registered isn’t supported with W680 boards. Apparently there are DDR5 non-ECC UDIMMs around, so watch out for that (I linked it before, but deleted after I checked the SKU at Kingston)

edit: I was just checking for DDR5 UDIMMs with ECC, but I only found vendors listing module under ECC that only have the default on-die ECC. Even the retailers are confused :slight_smile:


You might want to wait until 13-series is out as availbility regarding both motherboards and DDR5 memory is very sparse at best. I’ve been looking at upgrading my own server but availability is really poor and DDR4 vs DDR5 doesn’t seem to be much of a practical benefit for Intels 12th gen. Gigabyte MW34-SP0 looks like a really nice board if you can accept DDR4 but I haven’t seen it in the wild yet.

Given availability and pricing you might want to consider a pre-built server like Dell’s T150. Earlier variants of the T40, T30, T20 series used a relatively standard mATX motherboard so you could transplant it into another case (which is what I did with my T20 server) but I’m not sure if that also applies to the T150 series.

I was actually able to source the Supermicro board. That gigabyte board looked like a good one too.

Dell had some UDIMMs available recently but I missed out. Dell Memory Upgrade - 16GB - 1RX8 DDR5 UDIMM 4800MHz ECC | Dell USA

Perhaps I could survive without true ECC, but since it’s my NAS/backup server I’d prefer to have it.

I’ve seen some online vendors start selling the innodisk DDR5 ECC Udimms, but only 16GB dimms, no 32GB dimms yet.

I’m also eagerly awaiting any sign of a retail availability of DDR5 ECC UDIMMs. At first I thought that around the launch of Intel’s W680 platform they’ll surely come to the market but not even now with a close AM5 Raphael launch that should repeat the general “ECC is working but maybe not explicitly supported” model of AM4, DDR5 ECC UDIMMs are still nowhere to be seen :frowning: