Home made dust filter

Hey forum people, I was wondering if it was possible to make a home made fan filter that allows a lot of air through, also traps a lot of dust, and can be cleaned easily. I was thinking of making one because I might have to cheap out on a case, and I don't want it to be filled with dust.

No one...?

get foam, get tape, tape foam to case, drink beer

you could make it look better by not using tape, but that's pretty much the idea

tights, elastic band.....done. 

What type of foam would work well since they're different types. And I'm too young to drink alcohol in my country D: I just eat bacon instead. 

i would try to find rather porous foam, enough to trap some dust but not enough to significantly affect air flow

simmilar to this


tights or something might work pretty damn well, but looks a little too ghetto for my taste and might start some odd conversations

idk, my case uses something like a screen, as in what you would use to keep bugs from going through an open window, except with a finer mesh. the materials are different as well...

you can buy plastic filtering mesh online pretty cheaply... this method would probably look the best, and be the easiest to clean...

I heard, haven't personally tested this, you can just use something like a Swiffer dry cloth and rubber band... It supposedly makes a pretty good dust filter...

Dryer sheets and it smells good too.

Look ! Really, dust filters are so freaking cheap just go buy some magnetic dust filters.

Wow that's a lot of feedback! Thanks to everyone for answering, now I have ideas for filters. Thanks : D