Home made cooling setup

Have just moved into a new flat and power consumption is covered by the rent. this got me thinking about a fun and cheapish project with no limit on power consumption. What i came up with was using a medium sized chest freezer/fridge, housing an airtight sealed case with all the hardware held in a vacuum. the plan behind the vacuum was to hopefully stop any moisture build up.

I already have a vacuum packer i can use and some rubber cement to seal where the cables will be leaving the vacuum chamber. also i picked up an old chest freezer from a mate last night to only realise the flat had one in the garage already. the only thing i have to do is source(or make) an airtight case big enough to house an atx motherboard, drives, gpu, psu etc...

Just wondered if anyone has seen or tried something like this before and if you have, what was the crippling issue with it. ive got a feeling the vacuum would possible nullify the cooling effect of the freezer but im not 100% sure.

I haven't spent a cent yet so nothing is lost if there is some major flaw, but would love to get some seccond opinions.

P.s forgive me for the before work rushed post and the gimp sketch!


If your floating in space without a spacesuit, what is it that kills you?
Are you killed by the heat or lack thereof? no
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Your body doesn't lose heat because there is no place for the heat to go. There is no way for heat to get away from your body in a vacuum. You need some kind of heat medium.

if the pc components are in a vacuum the heat will have no where to go and your parts will melt.

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And nobody will hear it scream! :(


A vacuum will prevent heat transfer to the air. But cool idea. If you are worried about moisture there may be some other way of dealing with it.

Mineral oil PC in a fridge.

A refrigerator is going to have a tough time staying cool with a pc constantly dumping heat into it (they're meant to keep things cool, not to cool them down). The oil would add some thermal mass to the equation.

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you might be able to cover your pc components in conformal coating to keep moisture from fucking up your shit

Why not just drop the ambient temperature of the room with an air-conditioner?? Makes more sense than ghetto-freezer-component-killing-condensation-buildup contraptions.