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I just picked up a juniper ex2200-48p-4g. I’m having an issue setting up vlans with my lab. I have a small 2 port opnsense box lan/wan. Network is as follows wan>opnsense>ex2200>home/lab. Everything works fine with my untagged default lan(x.x.0.x. When I make my vlan 10 (lab) x.x.20.x on the trunked interface with vlan 10 set as a member along with default vlan I can’t seem to get dhcp or internet. (Esxi port is tagged vlan 10 and switch port set to access vlan member 10 aswell. I can manually assign an address and ping both x.x.0.x and x.x.20.x but can’t get internet. And the default home network can ping vlan 10 as well… iv been scratching my head for a few nights now…

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Probably something in your firewall config. Based on your description, the switch config sounds good.

Walk through this and see if you missed something.