Home lab for mid sized Kubernetes Cluster with openshift on Threadripper

Greeting good people,
I come here seeking help.I plan to build a home rig capable of handling at least 11-12 VMs (some with 2-4 vCPUs,some with 1 vCPU) , in order to simulate near real kubernetes environments,with open shift.
I am planning to purchase a Threadripper 2970wx processor, since I do not have much dough with me and in India selling a Kidney can’t get you a 2990wx.
Is it a good idea to go with new hardware or should I try my luck with pre owned server grade racks.
Please be brutal, with your comments .
Thanks in Advance.

A lot of people use Pi’s or rock64s for their set up. The pi use to not be as good but new 4 opens up a lot of options

If it’s just for home lab used server gear would be an option but does power costs matter to you?

I agree with @mutation666. You are waaaay over allocating resources for what you are trying to do. Unless your VM’s are going 100% 24/7 you don’t need Threadripper. You can get away with a cheap dual CPU setup like an R710 with some L5630 Xeons with 64GB and get the same out of it.

If you want a multinode setup then using a bunch of Pi’s in a cluster would be the way to do it. The new Pi 4’s I believe are already sold out in mulitple locations but you can get a 2GB for $45USD.

Just my two cents.

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Wayy overkill. Get a value AMD build and you’ll be fine, spend some of that money elsewhere, on a GPU maybe, you’d have a killer workstation and it could double as a gaming rig easily. It’s hard to justify a Threadripper, definitely not with testing Kubernetes. Heck, I can set that up on my laptop for testing that has more limited capabilities by orders of magnitude probably.

…You’re not setting up production on it are you?

EDIT: I’m not sure if I’d go with an RPI cluster, some things could end up not working at all.

my use case is not exactly a home lab, but similar, i did went with a 2990wx

what exactly do you want to do with it? deployments? openshift development? kubernetes development? it will help to know the spesificts of your use case.

@lacion Sorry was travelling hence the deleayed response.
I am planning to do openshift development, kubernetes cluster instatantiation with istio and a couple of things,as DL is not a necessity for me right now,I am focussing more on the devops side of things.
Thanks, BTW I saw the thread above, Man that’s going to be a sic build.

you could go with the gigabyte X399 DESIGNARE EX very good board and half the price the asus zenith

for that many VM’s i would go with at least 64GB unless you want to overcommit a lot. the corsair memory is not bad and a lot cheaper than the gskill

try to go for 3x NVME drives of 1TB so I/O performance in that many VM’s is not degraded to much.

if your not going to be playing anything or doing anything ML related go grab a decently priced AMD GPU i like to good oversized power-supplies for the silence factor as the fans on those rarely spin up like 1000w+

for cooling grab a good AIO that supports TR so you can do a bit of overclocking.