Home Automation [The open source way]

So we all know about google home… amazon alex and of course the soon to be microsoft home stuff… but what about open source. OpenHAB is actually really well integrated from the research I have done.

I figure I would toss this up and see if anybody has had any experience


maybe @wendell has tinkered with it IDK… I am a bit uncomfortable with companies knowing everything hence why most of the “nice features” of everything I have on the internet is disabled and so is just about any activity related feature in google… LOL

Unfortunately openHAB is developed in java so there can be issues with security but im more then sure that the issues can be taken care of with good programming.

Anyways just tossing it up for discussion. If you have mind citing what you did how well it worked etc

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I know there is a Open Source AI called Mycroft ( Like The Google Home).

I have not used this before, but it looks like a good place to start for a open source Google home replacement.

Hope This helps