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I have an AMD EPYC 7501, could you guys help me with the rest of the parts (SW Also) that I need in order to build 10GbE router?

Thank you!

How many 10 gigabit clients do you have? Is your WAN/internet 2-10 gigabit? What is your budget?

Do you have a motherboard? or ram or storage? … any other parts at all?

Software wise, the typical gotos are either pfSense, or Proxmox + whatever virtualized a bunch of network stuff, or OpenWRT, or VyOS, or just any regular linux with routing enabled.

Do you care about SFP+ or RJ45 10Gbps ports - what are you going to be connecting?

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Just the CPU, RJ45 thank you!

This is beginning to look expensive for a mere 10Gbps routing:

A starting point:

  • motherboard: supermicro H11SSL-i … for 250
  • nic: Intel x550-t2 from ebay for in between 100-250 depending on deals.
  • probably 150
  • case with fans that will prevent the board from melting: 150
  • some old SSD for software

We’re already at 800-900

It’s cheaper to keep that CPU in a drawer and build a 10G or a 25G router using a much cheaper motherboard and ram and an i5-12400 CPU or something along those lines


Mikrotik and unifi have some fairly cheap 10gb options now. If you are wanting to build a vm host with a bunch of 10gb ports, that epyc is the way to go. If you really just need 10gb networking, i would say get an off the shelf box.

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Could you give me a link, please?

Thank you!

comes to mind.

but again, what exactly are you trying to accomplish? how many routed interfaces do you need? this is a hugely open ended question.

you basically said ‘i have a trailer, recommend me a good truck?’

Thank you!

I need a router for my home office, recently 10GbE became available and very cheap in my area (10 $) and since I am working with big files that I need to transfer via the internet, I considered purchasing a router with about 4 10GbE lang Ports and latest wifi, also VPN integrated into it would be great, OpenVPN.

Finding a router with these features seems quite a challenge…

I’d leave the epyc in a drawer / sell it on ebay, … and get something like this:

I wouldn’t do mikrotik for VPNs / tunnels and stuff - it’s very inflexible compared to what you’ll see in the video above.

oh and wifi, I went with wifi 6 and ubiquiti u6-lr … I’d go with that again, … or maybe the u6-pro. … I don’t care for wifi 6e at this point - regular 5GHz wifi6 (and some 2.4 for legacy devices) is good enough for everything I use wirelessly.

@ALin - who is your ISP, how are they getting 10Gbps to you?

Mikrotik and Ubiquiti don’t really have many 10gb ROUTER options. If you look at that Mikrotik linked earlier in this thread you can see for actual routing purposes the very best it can do is 450 megabits per second, not even gigabit routing…

These are the only Mikrotik’s that can router past 10gb throughput:

The good news is, they are doing that with 16 cores at 2ghz, so your Epyc 7501 with 32 cores at 2GHz will perform fine, if just overkill for what you want. I am a bit wary of their test results though, as they may be getting that performance with most features disabled in the router that you would want. Ubiquiti has similar CPUs in their products and the best they can seem to get is 3gb/s when you turn on all the firewall features.

But if you really want to go ahead and build a router around that CPU, then it should be good enough for what you want to achieve. You could probably also get 10gb routing performance though with 4-8 cores at 4ghz+. So you might find a much better deal buying a used, last gen PC

i would go with unifi.

either a dream machine, or a Next-Generation Gateway Pro. and a unifi 8p Switch Aggregation switch.

this would get you 10gb all the way out to your ISP. 7 internal 10gb ports. and be under 1000$ plus you would have other features available.

IE: if you went with the Dream Machine SE, you would have 8 POE 1gb ports for APs and security cameras. and a HD bay available.

where the Next Gen Gateway pro is a more fully featured VPN and gateway device. but you will need to run a controller separate.

10gb switch

10gb internet gateway

Dream Machine SE can only get 3.5gb/s throughput if you turn on all the cool features Unifi gives you. You have to disable any traffic filtering and intrusion detection to get it to do 10gb routing.

correct. i did mention the next gen gateway and it is capable of doing a lot more for speeds with features. also it is currently out of stock.

you could run it in monitor only and increase throughput some also.

you could use a pihole in a vm with a 10gb link and leave all the filtering off.

has OP done a throughput test on the 10gb link? if it is sold like connections in the U.S. 3.5gb may be enough anyways.