Holy crap!

I'm usually not a pre-built guy, but holy crap this deal is so good.


I believe this is the best PC I have seen for this price. Am I wrong? Please prove me wrong!

Ok it is not too bad, but I would advise against buying it, I think two 7950s will perform better when overclocked(assuming you dont get duds). Plus the new cards are coming out, no news on performance per dollar though. I could speculate but my speculation would be that based on the firemark results I dont think they would match the performance per dollar off some of these cards at their current going rates.

Try this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1IsP2

Yeah, I know. It is still the best deal I have seen for a pre built system though. I have no intention of buying it, just throwing the information out there for everyone. But on a completely other note, can you teach me about AMD new naming strategy? I'm completely lost :|

The pre built machine will definitely blow anything you can build at that price out of water. Plus, 7990 is two 7970 dies on a single card, it'll outperform 2 7950's. Also, FX-81xx cpu's are Bulldozer based which I would really not recommend getting since the FX-83xx and FX-9xxx are Piledriver which fixed alot of the things that went wrong with Bulldozer.


The new naming scheme goes something like this:

R9-290x --> Their new single-gpu flagship

R9-290 --> cutdown of their new single-gpu flagship

R9-280x --> Replacement of HD 7970

R9-270x --> Replacement of either HD 7950 or 7870 XT

R7-260x --> Replacement of HD 7850

R7-250 --> Replacement of HD 7770/7790