Holding Shift + F10 During Windows 10 Updates Opens Root CLI, Bypasses BitLocker

Windows security expert and infrastructure trainer Sami Laiho has discovered a simple method of bypassing BitLocker during the Windows 10 update procedure.

Laiho says that by holding SHIFT + F10 while a Windows 10 computer is installing a new OS build, an attacker can open a command-line interface with SYSTEM privileges.
SHIFT + F10 for the win!!!

This CLI debugging interface grants the attacker full access to the computer's hard drive, despite the presence of BitLocker.

Oops :(


I can't wait to try this at work with one of those surface pro 4's before we deploy them... Hahahahahaha!

reassuring isn't :(

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And there getting their mits all over Linux too.

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Already on RHEL systems on Azure...

"The most secure Windows ever"

This, Microsoft, is why only history can tell how secure an OS really is. This is a f**kup of biblical proportions


its hard enough to open a command prompt in windows with SYSTEM privledges but nope. windows has managed to provide us with a easy way to do it on any windows 10 computer GUARANTEED!

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