HoF GTX 1080Ti Waterblock [solved]

The setup:
A friend of mine set out to build himeself a white computer. Not just a bit white, but full on snow white. So he got the system built and running nicely (if a bit hot).
Putting his GPU under water is a bit of a problem. The white waterblock for the Galax (= KFA2) GTX 1080ti HoF is fairly hard to find. If someone happens to find one for sale, preferably new and in the EU, please link to it here.

For reference:

Bitspower Blocks are a little rare in the EU unfortunately :frowning:

If you can’t find anything at all, might try LiquidExtasy. They make blocks on request. I personally haven’t used them (yet), but I heard good stuff about them.
They were a bit behind last year because the owner was sick, but apparently they’re on track again.

Downside is you gotta send in the card :confused:


Update (and close):
HighFlow.nl managed to get the desired waterblock.
All good and done.