HL2: episode 2

I hate spiders. I hate them so much that i never joined the dark brotherhood in Skyrim because of that huge one sittig in the corner. Im currently playing (and enjoying) the half life series and i have just got to the part where you have to go into the mines after alyx gets injured. I can deal with those green worms but i really dont want to go any further because those cob webs are really freaking me out. Can some one please tell me if there are spiders anywhere in the game.


No, just antilons like the other games IIRC.

Ok cheers

Those things are not antlions

I just grew a spine and ran through the nest so its all good.

How did you survive ravenholm in the initial HL2 ? I also hate spiders when they jump up to me and i had quite some healthy scares there :D

Different type of antlions but the game still calls them that.


Gratns on the spine though dude =D