HiVE - The new way to encrypt drives in Linux

In a nutshell, here's how it works, the Hidden Volume Encryption (HiVE) is a kernel module that starts by encrypting the entire drive, but then within that encrypted drive, there is another encrypted volume hidden within the free space using a different encryption key. You can have as many hidden volumes you desire, and as many keys as you desire.

Simple, elegant, amazing.

Currently tested within kernel 3.13.6, and kernels must support drive mapping.

this isn't ready for production, is it ? as in: i cannot rely on it, to not just eat my data.

Still it's good to hear that somebody is continuing where truecript left off.

also it should be called mHiVE, m for multiple


Cheers for the heads up. Sounds like an interesting project.


  ..."also it should be called mHiVE, m for multiple"


What's wrong with dm-crypt?