Highest Hash Card on the Market?

So im looking to build a Litecoin mining rig with a pretty big chunk of money, around 4k. What is currently the fastest Hash rate GPU for litecoins?

individual card: 7990's. 1200+ khash/s.

however, I've talked with people on the litecoin IRC who run a dozen (or more) 7950's, using PCIe riser cables, on a single motherboard, using a custom chassis. cpu is largely irrelevant, so most use celeron's or semprons.

asic's where its at

I was looking at 7990's but they are insanely hard to get, i can find a couple here or there on Amazon and other places but im needing about 3 per rig. What about the R290x?

Scout what are u useing them for? Do u own a computer building company

Wait until december, an ASIC miner is being announced with a price or get 7950s and just enough resources (2GB of RAM and a cheap cpu) to run linux. In order to take advantage of >4 GPUs you have to run linux.

whut are you smoking?

litecoin, not bitcoin. litecoin uses scrypt, not sha-256. there are no asic miners for Scrypt-based currencies.

not for scrypt. scrypt doesn't have asics.

I wasn't thinking Asic would work for mining. Basically i just ran into some money and looking to build something to have a decent chunk of income. I've been looking at this guys build http://www.cryptobadger.com/build-your-own-litecoin-mining-rig/

I was thinking of using 290x instead of 280 which he recommends and do a bit of overclocking on my own to get around a 2500 k/h rate. I'd probably have to bump the power supply up to around 1500w, no?