Higher clocked ram opinions?

So the story is: I am looking into getting a 3770k (to be cooled by the corsair H100i) and an ASUS Maximus V EXTREM. I want to do a fair ammount of overclocking (if hoping to get it to 5ghz is a fair ammount, but my current  2500k is at 4.6 ghz I believe (on air) and would be willing to settle there). I am looking at getting 32 gigs of ram over 4 sticks. (side note: I would have to get two dual channel kits versus one quad channel kit, correct?)  (side side note: h100i was announced but unsure when it will be available.)

I wish to know what the end result is going to be like as far as stability and performance of having started with ram around 1600 mhz or so versus getting ram that is already clocked (or is it overclocked?) around 2400 mhz or so. also is it even worth getting "faster" ram? does it make a noticeable difference?

 Also any recommendations for what ram kits to get would be spectacular. 

with an ivy, your going to hit a thermal wall before you get to 5 ghz. and you should probably just get a 1600 quad kit. and i've heard that the h100 has a crappy quality pump, but a double tower heat sink works almost as well... besides which, there's no pump to fail, and even if you fans fail, there's still some thermal dissipation in a heat sink...

i was also considering doing a custom water cooling job (perhaps with my two 7950's in the loop as well? btw if i had all of that in a loop then can anyone recommend what kind of a pump and radiator setup i would need?) 

i suppose 5 ghz ia a bit too ambitious on an ivy bridge :/ 

so you recommended a 1600 quad kit, meaning that even though the motherboard (or is it cpu?) only allows supports dual channel it would still work?

"also is it even worth getting "faster" ram? does it make a noticeable difference?"

am no expert, but i think if you are going to be running a CPU at 5ghz (insane), it would be bottlenecking your system if you ran RAM at like 2400mhz. --- your end resault will be a monster of a rig but still wont be max potential. if you wanna sqeeze every last drop out of your system you should get well cooled RAM and bump the latency to insane amounts at like 3000mhz

post up a vid when your done, its gonna be sick and hope it wont explode 


is what would happen to ur ram

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thats not a result of OC...pretty sure it wasn't like 1.8v running into that RAM either  

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They make insane latency ram:


Costs insane amounts too. I dont know if you can get 5ghz out of ivy bridge that easy. With some time and good chip i believe its possible. I got 5.5ghz off a 2600k with a custom loop. But I was running dangerously close to voltage degrading. 

Side Note: There is no such thing as dual channel kits or quad channel kits, they are just packaged that way for easier purchase with a mobo. A quad channel kit, is simply 4 sticks that are matched dimms. Dual channel kit is two sticks that are matched dimms. Therefore if you want 4 sticks (expecially when overclocking) get a quad channel kit for the matched dimms or 1 of the 2 dual channel kits could make it so a certain overclock isnt possible