High VID on stock i7-8700k

Hi there,

I just got new parts for my rig. While testing the i7-8700k on the ASRock Z370 Taichi I realized Core Voltage going up to nearly 1.45V with a VID of 1.5-1.6 … Thats way too much for me to be comfortable so I set a voltage Offset to -100mV. No way to get it lower. CPU ist stable at 1.325v core voltage but I still think that ist too high for stock speeds.

Any Input? Are the voltages normal?

Cheers, Matthias

Would target 1.35V max, maybe 1.4V with adequate cooling.

Greetings, another Matthias

They’re pushing these chips pretty hard so it’s not unusual to see peak voltage in that ballpark. How much is really needed varies with the individual chip.