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High Reliability PCIe 4.0 M.2's For Threadripper Hosting Project

Any recommendations for: PCIe 4.0 M.2 drive(s) with high reliability? Will be used in a hosting project ( with my 32 core threadripper CPU. This machine will be on 24/7 with high read’s and I would love to avoid having drives die and keep having to buy new ones. (I am open to u.2/u.3 form factor suggestions but id like to fill up my M.2 slots before I add 2.5 inch drives to my chassis - although there might just be be better options in those form factors)

A quick look on amazon and other retailers I can only find what seems to be gaming marketed drives as opposed to data-center/enterprise grade. It might be overkill to get 4.0 vs 3.0 drives but if I have the bandwidth and capability why not use it :slight_smile: Will be good to future proof my system. And I just love those numberssss

If my fears are unfounded and drives such as the corsair force MP600 and sabrient rocket will last just fine - let me know :slight_smile:

Also if you are interested to know more about Holo hosting and the Holochain platform - more than happy to start a conversation about that!

Have you looked at enterprise SSDs? They are not that crazy in price if you need the reliability and have huge capacity options to use up less lanes.

Yeah it looks like that is the best way to do it. So many enterprise SSD’s on ebay for pretty cheap too. If I want to use NVME SSD’s I will however have to get a U.2 -> PCIe adapter add-in card as my motherboard has no U.2 connectors - that bumps the price up a fair amount - the only one I can find in the UK (with more than 1 connector) cost £390 ($500) - but it has a bonus of containing its own raid controller. A few of those drives in RAID 10 would be more than fast enough I am sure.

Perhaps then I could just keep an eye out for some used enterprise PCIe 3.0 drives to connect up to my MSI M.2 expander aero and put those guys in RAID 10 to be used by a VM which might want super-super fast drive access.

They have PCIE single slot cards

Like hhhl (half height, half length) aic (add in card) that slot into the PCIE sockets, rather than M.2?
Or the M.2 to U.2 inverter cards?

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This guy: