High end headset recommendations and Sennheiser PC 350 vs 360

Looking for a good high end headset for both listening to music and playing games, I know a set of headphones and a microphone would be better but it is just not convenient for me, other recommendations would be great.

Post your budget, and what types of music you listen to. That will help make any suggestions more useful to you.

As far as the PC 350 vs PC 360, the 350 looks to be a HD 380 Pro with a mic (I think?), and the 360 looks to be a HD 595 with a mic (pretty sure on that one). So you're looking at a closed style can (PC 350) vs an open style can (PC 360). So, in general, the 350 should have better sound isolation and less sound leakage, while the 360 should have a broader sound stage, but more sound leakage. I've not listened to either, so I can't comment from experience on the two.

You should be able to google around for comparisons between the two if you like (either PC 350 vs 360, or HD 380 vs 595).

Also keep in mind that a mod mic, standard headphones and some cable sleeving will work also. So don't feel like you HAVE to get a headset.

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The max budget would be around £200 ($307.50), the generally listen to all types of music but I mostly listen to Rock,Metal,Ska and Jazz.

Yeah I remember Logan talking about the mod mic, are they any good? What headphones and mod mic would you recommended with the same budget of £200 ($307.50)?

Also what do you mean by cable sleeving?

The Mod Mic is pretty good. At least up to par with any headset mic you're likely to find. The cable sleeving would just be to tie the headphone and mic cables together (some people don't like having two separate cables). Just an option.

Anyway, for £200 you should be able to get something decent. The biggest question now is, will you be using a headphone amp, or do you want something that can be driven straight from your computer? Most decent cans really benefit from a headphone amp (and dac), but there are some nice low impedance headphones that can be driven fairly well from your PC's headphone jack if that's the route you want to take.

As far as my suggestions, for gaming, I usually recommend open headphones because of the larger soundstage (also sounds great for most music as well). They do come with the drawback of sound leakage though, which some people don't like/isn't appropriate for their situation. So, off the top of my head for your budget, a ModMic, the HD 598 and a DACport Slim would work quite well.


The HD 598 is a great sounding set of open headphones. They work well for most types of music, have a great soundstage and very accurate details, but do lack a bit of low end, so they aren't well suited for bass thumping beats.

Likewise, they are great for gaming, very accurate with a large soundstage (feels more like you are in the middle of the action), very easy to detect the direction of sounds etc, but since they lack in the low end, they aren't going to rattle your brain when something explodes. So, if you want something more bass focused, these probably aren't the headphones for you. For that, something like the closed back V-MODA Crossfade LP2 would be a better choice.

The DACport is a new compact amp/dac. According to the reviews I've read so far (I haven't listened to it personally), the DAC is accurate, and the amp is powerful and a touch warm sounding. There's a massdrop going on for it right now for $99. If the reviews are to be trusted, it sounds like a good option for desktop listening in the price range. Other options would be the Fiio e09k, the Monoprice 11567, or if you want something that can be portable as well, the Fiio e07k.

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Yeah I think I might go with the ModMic, the HD 598 and a DACport Slim thank for all your help man.

No sweat. That combination should work great for what you are wanting to do.

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Some say that these are a beasts!Also they just dropped to 60$ which is bonkers.

Here's a review od them,just get the freaking mod mic with them :D. (he likes em more than HD600)