High end compact Keyboards

I'm looking for a keyboard that will last a long time, very solid. It also needs to be compact. Either buckling spring, or brown mx. Something good for gaming and typing. Needs to run well without drivers, because will be used with Linux. Preferably no cheesy led lights.


I'm currently bidding on a model m space saver, but its above $200; want to see some other high end options to see if i should consider spending $250+ on it.

I have a KBC Poker II atm and I really love it, its very compact (60%) but has the full sized buttons. Using cherry mx brown switches. It looks like this:


Noppoo Choc Mini, Tex Beetle, Ducky 60%'s, KBC Race II, KBC Poker II, etrc...

can't find KBC race2, you mean KBT race2?


also, one Leopold FC 660M is one another forum recommended, any thoughts on it? One reason it looks a little appealing is the pbt instead of abs plastic keys which i understand are generally higher quality.

There should be Poker II with PBTs too. Yes they are higher quality, they are thicker. But I have to say those ABS keycaps are perfectly fine so far.

massdrop for Leopold FC 660M and i can choose dye sublimated pbt keys https://www.massdrop.com/buy/leopold-fc660m


Just ordered a happy hacking keyboard pro 2 white. Like the style, the two tones, the pbt dye-sublimated keys and Topre sounds promising.