Kay... so. As far as I can tell, this is where Wendell went.
Found that.

This beeing my first post here after turning from long time lurker (and accidental Discord joiner once), I am a little confused. Hope I got the category right.

Some questions:
Is "the Lounge" gone? I remember there beeing those massive threads for each month I used to look through.
Secondly, how do I use this forum? What do all the buttons in preferences do?
The text stuff. bolt and tilt using stars are common. Are there any other things I can do to make my posts more friendly to read?
Is the community Discord still a thing?
Does anyone apart from me use the "Brotherhood of Wendell" steam group anymore?

Why I am only now joining
AMD has a thing on the horryzen. I want to build a new PC, might need some advice here and there. Also, I want to jump ship to OS-wise.

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Welcome there are plenty here for help and advice, feel fee to post any questions.(Remember search is your friend)

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Hello! No the lounge is not gone. Just stay on the main forum page and it'll be there. Most likely near the top as a post happens there like every half second and all the newly updated threads get shown on top. I would post a link but I'm on mobile, and nothing is easy when it comes to mobile. But being a new user, maybe you can't see it because new users are not allowed too. It's been a long time since I first joined.

Enjoy your stay!

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Hey, welcome to the light...

You mean this?
It's here every month, every week, every day, every hour, etc etc...

It's a forum... You read and you write... I mean... yeah...

Yeah... be friendly... It's not really that important, the post structure and bold and whatever. Just be a cool guy :) Or girl. Or frame...

that's on you... Nobody can tell you that...

sniff sniff I can smell you are not the only one...

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If you are a girl go out with me first. /s

Hi, welcome.

The lounge still exists but is only visible to people with TL1 and above (new users are TL0)

This will give you a quick overview of what discourse can do.

The text formatting supports markdown, so you can use most/all markdown syntax to format your posts.

Our discord is here https://discord.gg/5ATAQKh

Nope, just you. (i don't know :P)

Stick around, theres great people here.

Use Fedora.. Its the best (full disclosure i'm completely bias).

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Hey Welcome.

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Sorry to disappoint you in those regards. Just another male tech interested male...

I got tagged in this somehow. Huh.

Anyway, welcome, new user.

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Whoa, look away for a few minutes and get 6 replies!
Thanks @Eden and @psycho_666 and everyone else for the answers.

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