Hey Logan: Can i use ur music for my radio show?

Hello Logan:

As the title says, I want to use your music for my radio show.  It will air on Puerto Rico tonight at 8pm-8:30pm. It will continue till god knows when and it airs on 92.5fm (I'll have it recorded then posted to my site later). So, I wanna make this show into something like Leo Laporte's TechGuy with a mix of Tech Politics, like the ones you feature on The Tek.  For our first show we'll be talking about that is ideal tech for back to school, pc maintanance and edward snowden.

Anyway, I just need it for background music, i don't think i'll use your snippets for intro and outros, u have my own music for that, but I wanted to have 8bit music running in the background. Also, I would like to know, if you're cool with saying that this is your music and were to get it too, but for that I might have to ask you to become an advertiser since my producer will not accept me to give out free advertisement (though we can totally work on a discount). I'm not trying to do the "I wanna play your music, hence you must pay me" by any means, I just wanna know if its okay with you.  I did purchase your music and have recommended it so.. yeah.

I know that your not going to answer as quickly as TODAY, but I assume that by your personality and mantra your cool with me using your music, at least for this first show, if not, you can totally tell me not to and that's the end of it.

If you would like to know more about myself, I'm a computer technician who has created his own business. We create very cool custom PCs at our shop too, and we have a youtube channel (search Bandi Tech on Youtube).  Currently, our employees work from time to time, so we cannot put up as much content as you can... though you may see in my videos a somewhat mimic of yourself that has rubbed into my personality hahahaa.  I plan that this radio show will boost my business and have it running all the time so we can put out more builds, videos and expo shows...

Check out our stuff, my website is www.gobanditech.com if you wanna see our custom PCs got to the "creations" tab, and to learn of our radio show go to "Tecnología Hoy"... i know, its in Spanish I can translate for you if you want. Also our facebook page at www.facebook.com/gobanditech

I guess that's it for now, I would've included tons of more info in this email (i'm posting this here since you said its best this way), like saying i'm a huge fan and have seen like 90% of all your videos and love your beard... but I guess that's too much.

So please answer if you can, and check out my stuff, i'm sure you'll love what we're doind here in Puerto Rico, see ya then:

Paul Bangdiwala from San Juan, Puerto Rico.