Hey guys, I need some help

Hey everyone, new to the forums here. I saw this site on a Youtube channel with a ton of great videos so I joined up because it seems the community here is the smartest around when it comes to Gaming PCs. My current computer is horrible. I can't even run World Of Warcraft on low settings on this piece of junk. So Ive been looking for a Gaming PC for awhile. I ran across this TigerDirect website and I saw that they sell full bundles. So I found this one here...




And Im curious about it. My buddy is smarter than I am when it comes to computers, but I feel not by much. He said it was great for the price. But I'd rather get an opinion from you guys. Im looking to be able to play games such as Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Battlefield 3, GTA4, so on and so forth. Would a PC with these parts be able to run those games on a good setting? Thank you guys for any help! I really appreciate it!

why when i open your link is it going to my facebook and saying and i quote "

Please be careful

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please can one of the admins take a look at this and decide what they want to do with it 

Im sorry about that. I copied it from a facebook message my friend sent me. Heres a link directly from the site. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=7588008&CatId=332

fair enough im looking right now :)

Nothing? Please guys, I really need help here. Im very close to being able to order this and its very important information for me.

I'm a little surprised nobody has stepped in to at least try to answer you. Forewarning though, I am just a beginner but I will do my best to help. What is your budget? I saw the link, is $400 about what you are looking to spend? I don't think it's a bad value, it doesn't have an HDD listed so I'm guessing you have some parts you could transfer from your current pc?

Don't use tiger, or DIY combos

list your budget, what you want it for and I'll help when I get off work

My budget is about $450 to $500. I just wanna be able to play games honestly. Ive always wanted a gaming PC. Im looking to be able to run games like Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Battlefield 3, ArmA II(DayZ mod mostly), Fallout 3. Pretty much the big titles. 

Ok so I know you said no DIY kits, but this one on Newegg is really appealing. 




It has integrated graphics but a few Youtube videos said it would be good until Im able to save up to get a Radeon HD 6670. Plus this DIY is right up my price range and I could immediately start saving up for a better graphics card, which the video said I could use both the graphics card and the integrated graphics in the processor. Like I said, Im VERY new when it comes to this stuff.

I have made 2 different builds for you:

Intel- http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xqPI

AMD- http://pcpartpicker.com/p/xqWG

I know I went over your budget, but these are much better than your combos. Never skimp on the PSU, buy better the first time instead of buying worse and upgrading, and for gaming, get a good GPU. Save up for another week/month and get one of these, if you want the most power for your money.



-Brennan Riddell

change the GPU in either configuration for this one and your golden


used it a build it was cheaper than the standard 1GB models and is pretty fast for what it was, cool and silent too