Hetzner Storage Box For Proxmox Keeps Disappearing

Hey there,
I keep having this issue with my Proxmox setup and just wondered if others have experienced this issue as I’m sure having a Hetzner Proxmox server is probably pretty common.

I decided to take advantage of Hetzners storage box offering as it is a cheap way to get 1 TB of network attached storage for storing backups to.

I configured my proxmox server through the web GUI (rather than fstab), in order to take advantage of this (over a SAMBA/CIFS interface) as shown below:


Unfortunately, about once a week, I see in proxmox jobs that the backups failed to run with an error message like so:

When I navigate to the area in the server and perform an ls -alh I see a whole bunch of ? like so:

I can easily resolve the issue by simply running a umount operation on that folder and running sudo mount -a which brings everything backup up gracefully. I then manually run the missed backup operation.

I don’t understand why:

  1. This Proxmox server does not gracefully recover from this? I have an older proxmox server on my local network configured with a samba connection to a samba server I set up in Linux, and I can reboot that server without the proxmox having any issues. This was actually the primary reason why I switched away from using NFS, as it would not recover from an NFS connection going away.

  2. Why the storage box appears to be disappearing once a week, or why I have to keep re-mounting. I would think Hetzner would have some sort of better high-availability system than the basic stuff I have set up on my network, and the fact that I can reboot my samba server on my other setup without issue makes me think its more complicated than it just becoming temporarily unavailable.

The simplest would be to try with another service - I have used their Storage Box offering in the past and there were all kinds of problems and inconsistencies in the service quality.


When Hetzner sees Plex activity, it is being told by Plex to disable access for legal reasons. Maybe something like this is going on?

Okay, that’s good to know. We will look for a different service and see if it is just specific to that service.

No, plex isn’t on any of these servers.

If connection drop due to some maintenance (which often happens) the connection will hang and the kernel won’t try to recover.

People on their forum seem to recommend autofs.

If it’s a backup job I think it’s better to mount the volume right before the job and then close it. Or use something like scp.

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I’m going to try first with using the systemd automount option using the following first with a manually configured mount in fstab, and see if that one remains fine. If so, then I will just switch to using that. I would rather not have to rely on setting up scripts to manually mount a volume just before backups and then unmount later.

//xyz.your-storagebox.de/xyx  /path/to/mount    cifs    credentials=/path/to/creds,uid=0,gid=0,_netdev,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.idle-timeout=60s     0     0

I’m just confused as to why I’m having this SAMBA issue in the first place. I found that I had the hanging connection issue you described with NFS, but not with samba on another proxmox setup I had (but which was using a much older version of proxmox).