hesitating between 3 4k tv paired with a nvidia shield


as said in the title I am planing this summer on buying a 4k tv to play all my games on with my nvidia shield and watch UHD content on it.

The problem is that I have a budget of 400-450(euros) bucks and I found 3 tv’s that might be the one that I need. I’ve watched some videos on how to choose a 4k tv (Paule’s Hardware video was the one I kept in in mind) and it really helped. But my mind is just hesitating alot between the Philips 43PUS6162, Finlux FL4326UHD and the LG 43UJ620V. The most expensive is the lg for 430 euros, the phillips is 400 and the finlux is 380 euros.

All have HDR integrated are 43 inches wide are smart tv (which is useless to me) and have hdcp. I made some screenshots so you can also compare the specs. These models are not well known which means that I can’t even compare the picture quality with reviews on the net. That’s why I ask on the forum if any of you had any experience with these models (or just the brand itself).

I don’t konw if it is interessting to know but I am for those tv because I am currently a student (2 years away from graduating) and when I will move to my own appartment I need a futur proof tv that will last as long as possible. That’s why I need those features to not be outdated in like 2-3 years.

Hope I gave you enough info to help me out a bit.

Kind regards.

heres the low down on 4k tvs and what shop assistants don’t really know.
1 You NEED VP9 codec for 2160p 60hz youtube
2 you need HDR if youre going 4k don’t buy one without it
3 You NEED HDMI 2.0 This is a must
4 To send 2160p 60 you will also need to upgrade all the hdmi cables sending 4k signals to 27Gbps cables. This is a must
5 VA panels are where its at if you plan on gaming. Otherwise go for IPS

ask 99% of shop assistants and they wont know all of that. I have several 4k tvs and can tell you these are the things to look for from my own experience.

First of all until there is only one HDR standard left it is all gambling. Then we come to the current tech and there are just too many variables to come to conclusions. Most information out in the wild is partly wrong. Like VA vs IPS. Both technologies are fine for gaming if implemented correctly. Otherwise IPS gaming monitors could not exist.

SmartTV <- Not smart at all. You are buying a display that is running some kind of already outdated software. And you have no option to switch to a different OS on these things.

Personally I would recommend a monitor over a TV any day of the week.