alright guys my worst fear has happened.... i upgraded my platform tonight and when i power on my unit all my fans turn on (on graphics card and CPU) but my screen goes black. i also tried switching ram slots/ only using one ram do i know what it is? i also tried 2 different graphics cards so its not that. the power cables are all hooked up otherwise i wouldnt have fans....the logical thought is that its my cpu but since i upgraded from an A8 to an 8350 (yes i got a new AM3+ motherboard) but i lined up the arrows and also felt that classic amd "fall in" place and the lever went down no issue.....please help me guys it makes me sick thinking i wasted on this money!

Full specs?

AMD 8350 

ASUS m5a99x pro 2.0

asus gtx 760 

750 80+ bronze certified cooler master PSU

CM storm enforcer case

Phanteks ph-tc12dx cpu cooler

WD caviar black 7200 rpm 1tb HDD

i think thats everything