Help with youtube and chrome

Hi all

I have been running into an issue with Youtube and Chrome. I suspect the issue is more Chrome/my own user account setting related.

Here’s the situation:
I have been running windows, youtube and most applications in dark mode for a while now. Since last week, when I click “open in new tab” in YT, the new tab will not fully load ( I suspect something crashed/blocked when loading the site. In the homepage of Youtube, the left-hand side column showing the menu of items don’t show up too (

I can however watch YT in the same tab which I clicked, but not launched the link in a new tab (

After typical efforts of flushing DNS, clear cache and cookies, resetting/uninstalling + installing chrome, the problem persists.

This is an isolated case clearly.

  • My other computer which also runs similar settings and the same google user profile did not experience this issue.
  • When I run YT incognito, the YT links in new tabs work.
  • In Firefox, with my own google user account settings, it works.
  • When I log out of Youtube, either a fresh install at the beginning before google sync, OR simply logged out with and without dark mode, the new tab links also work.

So i have isolated that it is only when I log in, in this work computer, that Youtube links in new tabs do not work.

I don’t know what the next step for me at this point. Thanks in advance