Help with with USB packet loss on Surface Pro 4

Currently I am helping to develop a packaged product with the surface. (Intern) Initial test with the SP4 showed substantial packet loss with usb 2 traffic. After talking with intel and microsoft, their 3rd level support has not helped.

I was wondering if anyone in the community knows how skylake or the SP4 mobo handles USB 2 devices?

I have noticed when the processor come under a bigger load the packet loss suddenly goes away.

I have tried many registry settings with USB and cannot find any legacy driver to roll back to.

Thats because USB is only half-duplex, packet loss is likely due to timeout. Not much you can do here due to this being a hardware limitation.

FYI, USB 3 is full duplex, you want to give that a try.

The SP3 handled the same operation fine. So something must be inherently different on the SP4.

Maybe set up a packet capture might help? I don't really know about the Surface. @wendell is kind of the expert around here on those things.

I wanted to contact @wendell but he is at computex. Maybe he will see the thread when he gets back.

we do have a packet monitor.

I hope so, he's done in depth videos about everything from the surface top to bottom.