Help with Witcher 2 in 32:9

I wanted to play Witcher 2 (again) on my 32:9 screen but sadly, it isn’t supported natively. Tools like Widescreen fixer and Flawless widescreen also don’t seem to work.
I stumbled over a thread where it was recommended to change two instances of this hex value: 39 8E E3 3F‬ to CD 90 18 40. This enables 21:9, but not 32:9. Any idea on what the right hex value might be.

I’ve figured it out. The value provided corresponds to the IEEE representation of the aspect ratio, i.e. the value I needed was 38 8E 63 40.

I used this guide as a reference:

As well as this calculator:


Nice find :slight_smile:

Could also add this to PC Gaming Wiki :wink:

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