Help with Windows 10?

Hey guys! I'm new to the forum but I've been lurking Tek's videos for awhile now.

I was wondering if you guys could possibly help me with my PC that I just built as I've had some trouble with the display crashing on me. I'll post my specs below, but first, this is what happened...

A couple days ago I had built my new PC. Everything went great and I got the GUI Bios to come up on my MSI 970 Gaming motherboard. After making sure everything was coming up in the bios (the drives and whatnot) I proceeded to install Windows 10. The Install went great and everything seemed to be working, until I proceeded to install my XFX R7 2xx Series drivers from the AMD website.

The first time I tried to install them, as the drivers were downloading, The display went black. No response from the display whatsoever! I tried several times to restart the PC, but to no avail. So I tried to reinstall Windows 10 and with and eventually got back to retrying installing the display drivers, only for the screen to go black with no response (not even a mouse cursor). The BIOS screen even came up but as soon as Windows booted up, the screen went black.

So I told myself, SCREW IT! Ill get up in the morning and backtrack to Windows 7. I woke up that morning, booted up my old PC, downloaded 7, made a bootable USB. Stuck the USB in the slot only to have BIOS completely bypass the USB. Here's the funny thing....Windows 10 booted up normally...WTF?!?! Everything was working, the Drivers for the display had even installed.

Then, My son was playing on my new PC this morning and the display went black once again and there was no response. This was fixed by a simple restart but then my PS2 mouse wasn't showing up. Again, I restarted again and the PS2 mouse and Display came up after Windows 10 booted.

Can someone PLEASE tell me whats going on.
Thank you in advance guys.

*DIY PC Solo-T1-BK Black
*MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard
*Rosewill Valiens 700W Gold plus PSU
*AMD FX6300 Processor
*GAMMAXX 400 Heatsink & Fan
*XFX R7 260x Radeon GFX Card
*SanDisk SSD 120GB
*ADATA SD RAM 1866 2x (4GB) (8GB Total)
*3 Fans. One in Front, Back and Side of Case.

I have had some problems with Win 10 and graphics drivers. Check in Windows update to see if it has tried to install drivers for the gpu.

I've only had the following..

• Microsoft - Pointing Drawing - Microsoft Hardware USB Mouse - Error 0x800f0102
• Aliyun, Inc. - Other hardware - YunOS ACB Interface - Error 0x800f0102

I think one of those is for an android device

So there is a lot of stuff that could be going on excuse some of these questions if they seem simple.
Did you create media to install 10 from a download?
Are you sure all the connections are solid for the new build. (I mean no disrespect here, i recently had a build where I overlooked something dumb and caused me a bunch of headache)

When everything was running fine and went black screen was it none responsive, I have to reboot, or did it go black for a bit and then come back. Was there still sound when it went black?

I will be AFK for a bit here.

You have to change your boot settings in the bios, or choose your boot device while the windows 7 USB is plugged in,

What did you use to make the USB? Was it rufus? try rufus.

Past that windows 8 and 10 have weird power management "features" that can sometimes make it a pain to completely shut down the device see:

Quickest solution is probably just to unplug it and cycle the power button a few times to purge your RAM

**I created the windows 10 media from an ISO file. and installed it that way.

**I do know my solid state drive is a little flimsily with the power connection from the PSU. but can that really cause my whole screen to go black?

**no, when it goes to a black screen, The computer stays on, but the display is completely unresponsive and I have to reboot just to bring the display back up.

I used Rufus to create both the Windows 10 USB and Windows 7. And I even made the USB the first boot priority. If I can, I want to stay on Windows 10. but I want to keep the display from going off and becoming unresponsive

Windows 10 tends to have a lot of driver issues for everyone atm, besides, at least windows 7 tracks you less.

You could possibly get into linux and just do a hardware passthrough to a windows 10 VM at least then your display can't really turn off.

But ya I think there's just some extra steps to get into the bios of some machines with windows 10.

Is your bios on the most recent version?

can that affect the display?

Likely not but I asked because of the boot order question from earlier. At any rate, if you have the most current drivers, all the physical hardware is connected, power to your gpu, the gpu is seated well in the mobo etc. Then you have to start looking at hardware. From personal experience when Windows 10 is trying to do updates it really messes with the machine, slow downs, weird behavior but that would only explain the black screen for while your son was gaming. It is probably also worth looking into the error from earlier, there is a Microsoft kb article for xp, vista, 7, and 8 about that error code it is likely that it effects 10 as well but that's speculation. If you have more info pass it along, if it happens again or happens when you do certain activities. But as of now I am not sure what else it could be. Maybe someone else will have some more experience with that issue.

For reference to that Windows error code:

Upon searching around the AMD Radeon R7 260x Release notes. I found something that I think might be causing this problem. However, this "known issue" is in the beta release drivers that were released 9/29/15 and not the latest stable drivers.

Is it possible for these errors in the beta release to exist in the latest stable driver?

via AMD:
[59792] A black screen may be encountered on bootup on Windows 10 systems. The system will ultimately continue to the Windows login screen.
[425417] Windows 10 driver installation may halt on some systems with an AMD 990FX chipset and AMD CrossFire™ enabled