Help with what monitor i should buy next

Hey guys,Been a fan of Tek Syndicate on youtube for a loooooong time now and i've decided i should join the forums.

So the monitor i'm using at the moment is the Samsung SA700.

It's 1080P LED 120hz 3D and it's a fantastic monitor.


Now i'm looking to up my Resolution game with one of the following monitors.


So i either want to buy the Samsung U28D590 or the LG 34UM95.


My Setup i'm using at the moment is the following.


I7 3820 @4.4GHZ

Corsair h100i

EVGA GTX 780 Classified 

Corsair Dominator platinum 16gb at 1600mhz

Asus Rampage gene iv

Corsair AX850 Gold PSU

Samsung 830 SSD 120GB

Samsung 840 SSD 500GB

Seagate Barracuda 3TB


I live in the UK and the difference of the monitors is £300 so about $500.


The Samsung 4K monitor is £499

The LG monitor is £799


Is the price difference worth getting the LG monitor?


Both monitors have pro's and cons.

Only thing i can think of is the following





4K resoltion

1MS response time




Wobbly panel 

Might require 2 gpu's to play at 60 fps.








5MS (Never played on a monitor with less than 2ms)
£300 extra 
Games that don't support 21:9 look awful with black bars.


What should i do? 

Thanks all really appreciate all response and i'm glad to finally be apart of the Tek Syndicate forum.

Forget 4K until it matures a bit, check out 21:9 monitors, they've a lot of functionality, or at least the one linus showed does, it looks more promising than 4K for now

You also have to take into account where it's going to be on your desk and how close you are too big might be an issue, Personally I'm waiting for 40 inch IPS TVs so I can have a giant web browsing screen.

...those korean 1440p and 1600p monitors are pretty damn popular...

4k is king of bleh right either has high latency, a cheap tn panel or something else...


About latency, you won't notice any difference below 20ms...considering your frame time may r may not be faster...(i can't gather the words to explain)

Aren't you basically flipping a coin with korean panels though?

So i should stay away from both or? Don't really like buying from outside the UK as i get import tax that'll cost over £100 and i'll have 0 warranty. 

Possibly, 4K isn't that great yet, Check Ebay for cheap displays, dunno what you got over there.

Everybody here is right. 4K isn't really used too much now. I would go with a 1440p monitor now, one of the Korean ones that, like Jeremy said.

Korean displays are normally pretty good.

The only time you get a faulty one is if it gets raped during shipping.